Success Story of Top-up Girls in AIIMS MBBS Examination

      Success Story of Top-up Girls in AIIMS MBBS Examination: All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has released the results of MBBS Entry Examination, in which Ramnike Kaur from Bathinda has secured second place. Ramanik, who had a lot of Syrians from the beginning in his studies, was told by his parents that his parents had asked to play a doctor's roles in fancy dress competition and today, in Ramnik, the dream of becoming a doctor in real life has come true. Ramnik tells that people think that staying in big cities can only lead to good coaching and education, but it is not so. He stayed in Bathinda and coached and prepared and achieved this position. Ramnik got up every morning at four o'clock in the morning and used to gather in the study. He used to go coaching along with a self-study and gave the mock test in the remaining time. Ramnik says that if the students who can not be coaching from the big coaching institute for any reason, can still take the coaching institute for material free through scholarships, which can be of great help to them.

Success Story of Top-up Girls in AIIMS MBBS Examination

Ramnik believes that whether it is AIIMS examination or NEET, students should read NCERT books very carefully and keep their concepts clear. At the same time, she does not use smartphones and says she does not understand why people use social media. He believes that if you have to achieve your goal, then you should concentrate only on education for two years and improve your mistakes.

Mehak says that if you want to get a good rank in AIIMS, then you have to focus more on physics because physics is very difficult, which requires a lot of practice. For chemistry, they believe that most students leave easy chapters, which they should not do because, in the AIIMS exam, we can not leave any topic if we should get a good rank. This time, in the AIIMS exam, girls have occupied top three ranks.

Manraj Saran, who lives in Bathinda, is in fourth place, who has also got 100 percentile. This year, with four hundred percentile, four candidates have topped the list, out of which Manraj is also Saran. Manraj believes in self-study, and he took about 10 hours of self-study every day and achieved this position. Manraj did not prepare from any coaching institute but took a tuition at different experts and corrected his mistakes and wrote in one place so that he could see what was wrong with him.
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