Whatsapp Status For Exam Tension

Whatsapp Status for Exam Tension, Exam Time Status for Whatsapp in English And Hindi. We Have Collected The Best Exam Status For You.
Whatsapp Status For Exam Tension
Whatsapp Status For Exam Tension

Whatsapp Status For Exam Tension

The brain is the most outstanding organ. It works for 24 hours, 365 days, right from your birth, until you step in the exam hall.

Push yourself harder when it hurts and you will win your dream.

My school cares more about the uniform than about my education.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

I had never passed a single school exam, and clearly never would.

There is creative reading as well as creative writing.

It’s cute when your crushes crush is you.

Exam Is Over = OH YEAH
Result Comes = OH SHIT

My Dad After Result: Itne Kam Marks Do Thappad Marine Chahiye?
Me: Haan Papa Chalo Mein Saale Master Ka Ghar Bhi Dekha Hai

Cousins Are Created So That Our Parents Can Compare Marks.

Although I know Trust Can Get You Killed,
Love Can Leave You Hurt,
And Being Real Can Result In Hatred,
I Still Aim For All Three.

Get One Bad Grade,
Drops Your GPA like the Freaking Economy.

I wish Studying for an Exam was as Easy as Remembering Lyrics.
I`d pass Every Exam

I’m the type of Person who wants to get good Grades but doesn’t want to study.

Hope you will like these status messages and dp on Exam Results please share with your Friends at max.

Exam Finished status for Whatsapp
The goal of a teacher is to replace a closed mind with an open mind.

Exam Result Tension Status in Hindi for WhatsApp

EXAM भी कमल की होती हैं, साला जो चेप्टर छोड़ देते हैं वही EXAM में  कम्पलसरी हो जाता हैं

पढ़ना लिखना त्याग, नक़ल से रख आस, ओढ़ रजाई सो जा बेटा, रब करेगा पास

में ये सोचकर पेपर खली छोड़ आया हु की कही टीचर ये ना कहे की बड़ो को जवाब देता हे

एक जोक जो सदयोसे स्टूडेंट बोल रहे हे और आगे भी बोलेंगे: नेक्स्ट सेमिस्टर पूरी जान लगा के पढूंगा

कुछ भी करो भगवान इस बार PASS करा दो, NEXT टाइम माँ कसम पूरी जान लगा के पड़ूंगा

RESULT के बाद: न तलवारकी धारसे न गोलियोंकी बौछारसे, बंदा डरता हे तो सिर्फ अपने बाप की मार से.

कुछ भी नहीं लिखा बोल के एग्जाम में टॉप करने वालो जनता माफ़ नहीं करेगी.

माय मोटिवेशन: पढ़ना लिखना तो चलता ही रहे गा ऐश तो कर कोई कुछ नहीं कहे कहेगा

देख भाई, अभी EXAM का TENSION बाद में तुझे FULL ATTENTION.

देख बेहेन: अभी EXAM का TENSION बाद में तुझे FULL ATTENTION.
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