The love of a loved one's body, the love of happiness

When love grows and causes trouble, love becomes poisonous and takes violent forms. The case of making such a realization has come to light in the Wankaner of Morbi district, in which the one working in the same factory was relieved of the torture of the lover, and the body of the khutha was thrown to the zinc girlfriend. However, the police came across the matter in the investigation and the manager of the factory, the accused has also given brazen confessions to the police himself.

The dead body was found on the head of a girl named Chauhan, who was working as Belang in the factory on the evening of the 7th day of Surya Oil and Agro Mill's office located in Wankaner's Vagasiana area and on the neck of a girl named Chauhan. Initially, an attempt was made to get the incident under accident, but the Wankaner City Police has solved the entire dispute by asking the four workers working in the factory. A man named Dhiraj Ahir, who was working as a manager in the factory, has been arrested in connection with the crime, and the accused has given bisharam Kabulat to the police for the murder and has also captured the used ax.

the unhappy love made by the decision

Generally love is a life-giving provider, but here love is a life-saving affair. The poem has been working in a factory for more than a year. It was a love affair with factory manager Dhiraj Aheir for seven months and physical relationships were also built between the two, but the poem was continuously Patience wanted to look at herself and on the other hand, she was also married to her husband and had a daughter at her home for four months.

La son was born. Being a child with physical problems, he was forced to take son everyday in the hospital. Since no one was in the factory on the day of the incident, poetry had to spend time with patience and in the work of Dhiraj Hospital. Because of this, the patience of the poem's patience was ignored by the patient, and when the patient reached the end of the evening patient patient, the poem forced her to have a relationship with her and said that patience was a bitter, both of which were scurrilous in the hands of a dog in the kitchen, and the poem's neck and neck Poetry was wound up and a murder was done in many cases.

Usually love life is supplemented, but when love begins to work, love will prove bloody. There is a similar desire for the deceased lover and the desire to enjoy the solitude in the factory, when the accused lover was surrounded by family problems as a married man. It was not psychically capable of fulfilling the wishes of a lover of hospital, who was concerned about why to remove his son's physical problem four months ago, and that's why bloody play

Mushahur singer Neha Kakkad was passing through a very bad phase for some time now. Today, he knows that he had an affair with Himanshu Kohli for a long time and then he got a break. Neha broke up after the breakup and posted it in social media, often saying she was very upset and sad after the breakup.

The last few videos were made of Neha Viral, where she started crying in a live concert. But now Neha has forgotten all the memories and she has received many happiness before Valentine's Day, due to these happiness she is very much in the news nowadays and her photo is becoming too viral, have you not seen?

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