Will Whatsapp stop in India?

If there are some rules introduced by the government for the social media companies doing business in India, then the current existence of WhatsApp will be at risk in India. A top executive of the company has given this information. India has 20 million monthly users in India and is the world's largest market for this company. There are a total of 1.5 billion users worldwide.

Facebook's face-to-face WithSteam looks for end and end encryption, which means that only the sender and recipient can read the message. Even if you want to see whatsupport, you can not read the sent message. Within a media workshop, WhatsApp Communications President Kal Wage told the media that without this feature, WhatsApp will be a brand new product.

Vogue has served as a spokesman for Barack Obama's presidential campaign in the United States. He told them that the proposed changes that are going to take place are not relevant to strong privacy protections. People who want the world over.

He said, "We provide Andy Two and Encryption, but under the new rules, our production will need to be rebuilt." He further said that in such a situation the messaging service will not be present in its present form.

WhatsApp is doubtless one amongst the foremost fashionable and also the most used instant electronic communication app within the world and whereas it's over a billion downloads on Google Play store alone, WhatsApp has been adding new options so as to additional amplify the general user expertise. however these new developments conjointly mean that the oldsters at WhatsApp conjointly ought to bog down on the dead weight so as to evolve this app in step with the wants of uses.

Some of the planned government laws for social media corporations in operation in Asian country square measure threatening the terribly existence of WhatsApp in its current kind, a high company government aforementioned here on weekday.

With over two hundred million monthly active users, Asian country is WhatsApp's biggest market within the world. Globally, the platform has over one.5 billion users.

that users with this phone won't be ready to produce new WhatsApp accounts. The recent accounts are purposeful however a number of their options can shut down shortly.

WhatsApp had declared many years past that it might stop services for these systems in conjunction with Nokia Symbian S60, Windows Phone eight.0, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry ten.

WhatsApp is presently accessible on phone running on golem OS four.0 and better, iPhone OS eight or higher, Windows Phone eight.1 or higher, JioPhone and JioPhone a pair of

After the new rules were introduced, Woo also refused to deny the possibility of getting out of the Indian market, saying that there will be no help in guessing what will happen next. There is already a process to discuss this issue in India.
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